We have all heard from fashion's large environmental footprint.  

At Faros Linen, do not want to dive too much into the wrongdoings of fashion but much rather offer a good alternative for those who care about comfort, style and sustainability.


That's how we came up with NATURE'S FINEST SUMMER SHIRT - elegant, comfortable, natural.

Made from 100% of finest European Linen this fabrics is to us the only fibre that combines natural elegance with sustainability and comfort. 




The first time you're wearing a fine linen shirt will leave you with an airy and light feeling. 

Even when temperatures soar, you'll feel like an ocean breeze keeping you airy and cool. There's a reason why fine linen has been the preferred fabrics around the Mediterranean by nobles ranging from the Ancient Egyptian Pharaos, Ancient Greek Kings and Democrats, Roman Emperors or French Kings.

Whether you're living in hot climates or just vacationing NATURE'S FINEST SUMMER SHIRT will keep you cool naturally. 


Feel good - The Good Shirt

Feeling good is a promise and if it doesn't meet your high expectations we offer free returns.


Due to fine linen's antistatic and antibacterial properties the shirts are easy care, can be worn for several days in a row without bad odors and don't require ironing.  




There is one thing required for any linen shirt to shine - be natural.

Whether you're invited to a wedding and combine it with a (linen) suit, or you wear it for work, you're heading to the beach and wear it with shorts, you're going for a rooftop party, you're out for a safari or a beach club on Mykonos - linen shirts universally look good. 


We call it the Smart Natural look



For quite a while, traditional fashion companies have promoted a flawless and perfect style. Fine linen didn’t really fit in and has somewhat been forgotten. 

To us, linen's naturally textured charm is exciting. There is nothing more attractive than a man with effortless yet elegant looks - who cares about being in harmony with nature.

Fine linen creases nobly, and naturally worn it show's your unfussy yet sophisticated style. Let’s not waste time on ironing. Truth is, linen wrinkles nobly. 





Did you know that it takes more than 2,700 liters of water to produce enough cotton for one T-Shirt? 


FAROS LINEN's shirts are made from certified EUROPEAN FLAX® which requires zero irrigation, is free from genetically modified organisms and produces zero waste. During all steps of our production water usage is minimized and used water treated and reused.


Flax, being a robust plant requires minimal pesticides and insecticides.

Unlike cotton which is a monoculture with degrading soils as a result flax is grown in crop rotation and actually increases the yield of subsequent crops.

Needless to say fine linen is a natural fibre that releases no microplastics into our oceans and using grass paper packaging reduces our impact further requiring the least water and no trees need to be cut.


Supporting water initiatives around the world 


Faros Linen is happy to be a supporting member of VIVA CON AGUA de Sankt Pauli e.V. a non-profit organisation committed to ensuring that all people worldwide have access to clean drinking water. To achieve this goal, they promote water projects and actions at home and abroad. They are firmly convinced that even serious topics in the world can be treated with joy.


Viva Con Agua - Fördermitglied



Our shirts are 100% made in Europe and we are transparent about our suppliers. Learn more about our production



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Welcome to the Faros Crew


The brand name is derived from Pharos of Alexandria, a lighthouse which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient WorldRecognize our shirts by the embroidered lighthouse on the shirt’s left bottom side (‘Faros’).

 Felix Israel - Founder Faros Linen

Felix Israel - Founder

Always drawn by the sun, Felix studied, lived and worked in Australia, France, California & South Africa. The Berlin-based entrepreneur and founder of Faros Linen loves to spend his summers with friends around the Mediterranean Sea. This is where the idea of reviving fine linen for men worldwide was born.


Yasmina Saleh Faros Linen Art Director

Yasmina Saleh - Art Director

Yasmina is one of the up-and-coming branding talents from Egypt. She teaches design & branding at the German University in Cairo as well as founded and runs Branding Egypt, an Agency that brands Egyptian cities and regions. She branded Luxor, known by Ancient Egyptians as the capital of the world, Sharm-el-Sheik, one of the most successful tourist destinations in the Middle East and now Alexandria, Egypt’s second biggest city and former home of the Pharos Lighthouse - one of the ancient 7 world wonders (and inspiration for our brand name). She spends most of her summer vacation on the Mediterranean - Egypt's North Coast.