Nature’s Finest Summer Shirt

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Elegant. Comfortable. Natural.

Indulge in natural elegance

Faros Linen embodies the essence of European elegance and the laid-back charm of the Mediterranean.

We specialize in fine linen, with a cut uniquely tailored to both highlight its inherent elegance and maximize its natural cooling properties. Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle with Faros - where nature's finest materials are transformed into your summer's wardrobe essentials.

Linen comes with a natural cooling effect

Fine Linen - A luxurious ancient Fabric

Wearing a fine linen shirt for the first time imparts an embracing sensation of airiness and lightness.

Crafted from the noble fabric renowned for its natural cooling effect and favored by ancient pharaohs and kings alike, it ensures unparalleled comfort, even in the heat. Faros Linen's "Natural Cool Cut" specifically developed for fine linen keeps your cool even in soaring temperatures.

How many times have your glasses fallen from your shirt?

Sunglasses holder

We've crafted a solution with the first-ever shirt-integrated sunglasses holder. It's a simple way to keep your eyewear secure and within reach.

Elegant. Comfortable. Sustainable.

Faros Linen Styleguide

Is there a more relaxed yet sophisticated look than a man in a fine linen shirt? Well, around the Mediterranean Sea, there isn’t. Faros Linen introduces its "Natural Cool Cut" to bring this unique Mediterranean lifestyle to the world and combine elegance with sustainability and comfort. 

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Faros Aquamarin Linen Shirt - FAROS LINEN
Faros Aquamarin Linen Shirt
Sale price€190,00
Faros White Linen Shirt - FAROS LINEN
Faros White Linen Shirt
Sale price€190,00
Faros Black Linen Shirt - FAROS LINEN
Faros Black Linen Shirt
Sale price€190,00