The European Superfibre: Linen

For thousands of years linen was the preferred summer textile for the nobles. The rise of cotton and polyester has dominated fashion at the expense of the less affordable linen.

It's time to revive the oldest textile of mankind. There are good reasons for it: It's natural, sustainable and keeps you cool in summer.

Sunglass holder

We're proud to be the first to offer a sunglass holder on a shirt to hold your glasses. Open the top two buttons and slide your glasses into the hidden holder below the third button.

Finest European Linen

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Mother of Pearl (MOP) Buttons

"I'm in awe with the fabrics. They really stand out and are incredibly soft for such a natural material."

Susi, Owner of Wharton Boutique

"Never thought linen makes such a difference in summer. Great shirt and beautiful buttons."

Anthony, Entrepreneur

"I love apparel that is both sustainable and great to wear. And the sunglass holder really works."

Garett, Actor