Style Guide - How to Wear Linen Shirts




Inspired by the Mediterranean  


Is there a more relaxed yet sophisticated look than a man in a fine linen shirt? Well, around the Mediterranean Sea, there isn’t. Faros Linen introduces THE GOOD SHIRT to bring this unique Mediterranean lifestyle to the world and combine elegance with sustainability and comfort. 


In this Styling Guide, we provide you with some smart styling tips & inspiration on how to wear a linen shirt. However, the most important styling rule upfront: Be natural.

A fine linen shirt works for any occasion and any time of the day. Linen shirts make a sophisticated look without ever being over or under dressed. Never worry about the wrinkled look of the linen shirt – fine linen wrinkles nobly and worn versed adds to a man’s character! Our fine linen shirts are quite universal when it comes to combining (and being a shirt for easy-going men we’re not at all fussy about how to style it).


The universal mix&match property is especially true for the white fine linen shirt. The classic piece can be worn with any combinations, dressing it up or down for a casual or festive look, always ensuring a non-fussy but sophisticated style. White linen shirts have been a preference by screen legends such as Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, John Wayne & Gary Cooper. 



The Classics




For a classic look, the go-to color styles are a light blue linen shirt, a navy linen shirt or a white linen shirt. To keep it casual, pair it with deep blue denim jeans, chinos or even shorts. Opt for the light blue shirt with loafers for a casual summer day at the office. Show off your tan with the white linen shirt for the beach club. The sophisticated white mother-of-pearl buttons especially elegant with the navy shirt, making it a classic yet fine choice for a trip to an open air cinema or a weekend getaway.



Restaurants, rooftop bars & nightlife




The ultimate summer nightlife shirt is a black linen shirt. Choose a pair of tailored trousers, and for footwear a pair of brogues or lace ups. Limit the color palette to tans or black. You’re ready to go to a Mediterranean dinner night, followed by drinks at a rooftop bar and a night out at the clubs - Enjoy!



Casual attire




The Faros striped shirts come as a red stripes linen shirt and a blue stripes linen shirt, and make for a casual attire. Ideally with a pair of chinos in khaki, cream or sand, this look is best enjoyed on a cultural day trip to see and learn about the Mediterranean’s historical sites.







The Faros Navy Linen shirt has its peak performance on a sailing trip, and in combination with white linen pants and boat shoes (or barefoot). The relaxed look comes with the unique airy feeling that fine linen provides, ensuring you to fully be able to breathe in your sea adventures. Combine it with darker or beige chinos for a more classy look that also works well in the evenings. 



Smart natural




Explore nature, or blend in with the old town colors of your favorite Mediterranean spot, best mixed with the sand-colored Faros Natural Linen shirt. Dress down for a sundowner at the beach with shorts or khakis and slip-ons. This natural look is a popular choice not only for comfort, but for style. 



Beach party





The laid-back appeal of a linen shirt is only topped with popping summer colors. The Aquamarin Faros Linen shirt makes for the most festive, cheerful color option - ready to go to that beach party or summer festival, and to dance with no sweats. This shirt brings the Mykonos beach club style to your home town. Mix and match with dark blue chinos or linen pants for the Mediterranean Flair wherever you are.



Destination Wedding




Linen is strongly connected as a choice of material for a summer destination wedding. To wear linen confidently is to embrace the materials structure, and the smartest way to do this is with a linen suit. Opt for a beige linen suit in combination with the classy white linen shirt (as seen here by Cary Grant), and pair of oxford shoes - or choose a classic, matte suit. While everyone is sweating, you won’t. This style gives you the refined, yet effortless Mediterranean look. For a summer wedding, this is the look and comfort to fully embrace the destination’s qualities.



Easy care & best for trips




Our fine linen shirts are easy care. Simply wash them in the washing machine (ideally 30C/95F), hang them and wear them for days in a row (the antibacterial fabric doesn’t take on smell easily). The lightweight shirt can be stowed away easily for any weekend getaway.

In conclusion: This styling guide gives you some ideas on how to mix & match fine linen shirts at ease, dress them up and down for any occasion… Just remember, there are no limitations. Combine your Faros Linen Shirt with what you feel confident in, grab your sunglasses and get out and enjoy the summer time. 

Just a reminder: Don’t forget your sunglasses! Your Faros Linen Shirt provides a hidden sunglasses holder, that prevents them from falling to the ground.


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