Simply the best summer shirt

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Simply the best summer shirt

A shirt with a natural cooling effect

Faros Linen stands for the processing of finest European linen into timeless signature shirts for men.

Fine linen looks good, feels good and saves more than 20 liters of water each time you choose linen over cotton in the morning.

Our story


A fit made for fine linen

It took us more than a year to develep an elegant yet ideal fit for fine linen. Our shirts are tailored to the body but not slim fit. Fine linen's natural cooling effect only works if the fabric is loose from the body.

To increase the natural cooling effect, some even wear a larger size when it gets really hot (+35°C / +95°F).

Sunglasses holder

We've all been there. You're bending down while your sunglasses are hanging in your shirt - and they fall.

So we thought about how to fix it and came up with the first sunglasses holder on a shirt. Open the top two buttons and slide your glasses into the hidden holder below the third button.

Easy care

Our shirts are made for everyday wear. That's why it's important for us to stress that they are very easy to care for. Wash it, hang it, wear it.

Fine linen wrinkles nobly, so don't waste your time on ironing and wear it naturally.

Albini Linen

There is linen. There is fine linen. And then there is fine linen from Cotonificio Albini 1876 - a member of EUROPEAN FLAX®. We looked around Europe and were amazed by the silky softness and airiness without being transparent.

100% made in Europe. 100% sustainable and natural.

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Mother of Pearl (MOP) Buttons

MOP made from Pinctada Maxima shells have traditionally been the choice in the luxury shirt segment.

Our buttons come from Bottonoficio Padano in Italy. The  shells are a by-product of shell farms supplying the jewelery industry with pearls. 

100% sustainable and natural.

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What our customers say

Faros Natural Linen Shirt

Sweat a lot less. Linen is my favorite material in summer. This shirt has both a good fit and the quality of the linen is easy to notice. Can recommend the shirt.

Manuel F.
Faros White Linen Shirt

This fine product fits perfectly and comes with a great packaging.

Caroline F.
Faros Aquamarin Linen Shirt

Comfortable shirt Nice packaging and the shirt really feels very comfortable to wear. Fit is good and it looks nice.

Benni K.
Faros Black Linen Shirt

Awesome Shirt. Perfect for the summer. I loved the fit and the quality.