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Inspired by the Pharos of Alexandria's guiding light for sailors, Faros Linen is set on directing the fashion industry towards a sustainable future with an ancient superfibre.

The sector's environmental impact is vast, surpassing even the combined carbon footprint of all international flights and maritime activities. Moreover, the industry's thirst for water is alarming: producing a single pair of jeans requires around 3,781 liters. 

In contrast, our fine linen, crafted from EUROPEAN FLAX®, grows without irrigation, enhances the soil, and captures CO2. 


Dressed for Every Setting

Whether sailing the Greek islands, sunbathing in Spain, dining in Italy, or navigating a busy office day, THE FINE SHIRT ensures consistent elegance and keeps you cool. Fine linen embodies heritage, authenticity, and timeless elegance. 

Feel fine, look fine, act fine 


On a Mediterranean trip, our founder Felix experienced the unmatched comfort of fine linen and wondered why not men would wear this. He realized that the industry is put off by its premium cost and customers often either did not like the prevailing loose-fitting designs.

This led to the creation of the “Natural Cool Cut", tailored shirt that combines linen's natural cooling properties with an elegant silhouette.

Today, Faros Linen's THE FINE SHIRT, available in 8 Mediterranean colors and 5 sizes, speaks of heritage, authenticity, and timeless elegance.

Fine Linen: The highest quality Linen

The Allure of Fine Linen

While linen is steadily gaining popularity, our dedication to the finest quality of linen sets us apart. Fine Linen is more than just a fabric; it's a choice. Once the choice of Pharaohs and Kings, today, it's available for every man who values quality, comfort, and sustainability. With Faros Linen, you're embracing a legacy of craftsmanship and supporting family-run businesses refined over generations. Even in the office, THE FINE SHIRT offers a touch of Mediterranean lifestyle. Embrace the noble creases; they're a testament to authenticity.

Nature's fine footprint

THE FINE SHIRT is sustainable

Flax farming has a minimal environmental footprint. THE FINE SHIRT is made from certified EUROPEAN FLAX® which requires zero irrigation, is free from genetically modified organisms and produces zero waste. 

During all production steps water usage is minimized and used water treated and reused. Flax, being a robust plant requires minimal pesticides and insecticides.

Unlike cotton which is a monoculture with degrading soils as a result flax is grown in crop rotation and actually increases the yield of subsequent crops.

Needless to say fine linen is a natural fibre that releases no microplastics into our oceans. Our grass paper packaging is made of 35% grass paper and 65% recycled paper which is saving water and trees.