Our story

What's ideal to wear in summer?

During our favorite season of the year us men often have to think what to wear.

There are cotton shirts which are a little more elegant. If temperatures rise wearing cotton shirts often lead to water running down and turning light blue into navy. 

T-Shirts as an option are quite casual and sometimes more con. They're much nicer to wear in the heat but they lack elegance.

In between there are polo shirts which however often appear preppy. And somehow it has become kind of imperative to wear one of the branded polos featuring a logo to show the quality. 

What did our ancestors wear? 

Looking back in history natural textiles like wool or linen was very popular. In summer nobles favored fine linen because of it's natural cooling effect and light weight.

We believe fine linen shirts to be the ideal summer wear. It's pleasant to wear when it's hot and elegant - in a casual way.


Fine linen is a luxurious material

Fine linen has always been a textile favored by the nobles.

Why? Fine linen is very pleasant to wear. It's light, it's airy and cools in summer. Men in fine linen both look casual and yet sophisticated. Further, it is antibacterial meaning that even after days of wearing it takes on little to none odor. 

And it's expensive.

The fine linen we use requires about five times the labor needed for cotton. Most of the 10 production steps are made by small and family-run businesses that gathered a wealth of knowledge over many generations.

The truly sustainable fine linen is mostly produced in Europe where labor costs are higher and ecological and ethical standards are higher than in many of the countries where cotton or polyester fibers are made (and cheaper linen).


Fine linen deserves a true revival

In the "traditional brick and mortar fashion industry" the spending for marketing and sales by far outweight those of the product. Being an expensive fabrics, fine linen has often been overlooked due to margin issues.

We believe there's a growing demand for brands that stand for high quality materials and craftmanship.

Through our online shop we're able to offer a luxurious product at a premium price - all made in Europe with nature in mind and a fair compensation of all involved as a given.


We believe in high-quality natural materials, craftmanship, simplicity and sustainability.


Disclaimer: Fine linen wrinkles. Wrinkled linen is for confident people only - and those with sartorial knowledge.