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Feel good. Look good. Do good.


Faros Linen shirts combine elegance with sustainability and comfort.

We are part of a new wave of fashion labels that believe in natural, high quality materials, paying fair wages to all involved in the production and are fully transparent. 


Try it yourself and if it does not become your favorite summer shirt right away just send it back for free.


Our story


Feel good

When temperatures soar choose fine linen with its natural cooling effect. It saves you a lot of sweat.


For thousands of years from Ancient Egpyptian Pharaos to Ancient Greek and Roman Emperors -  fine linen was the preferred summer staple around the Mediterranean for a reason.

Look good

Faros Linen stands for a modern take on a men's linen shirt - we call it the Smart Natural look.

It never fails to look timeless and fresh regardless of who’s wearing it.


It's not a matter of age but of attitude. Men in linen know how to enjoy themselves, live life lightly and know what's good.


Nature's elegance is effortless - not casual. 

Do good

Our finest European Linen are made from European Flax and certified to be truly sustainable (no irrigation, no waste, no genetically modified organism). 


We produce within the EU under fair labor conditions.

Additionally, we support water initiatives around the world with 10€ per shirt.


The shirts are made to last with a timeless design.

Sunglasses holder

Have your glasses ever fallen to the ground when you hung them in the shirt?


We came up with a simple sunglasses holder. The first on a shirt.

Easy care

Faros Linen shirts are made for everyday wear. Simply wash it, hang it, wear it - for days without odor.


Fine linen wrinkles nobly, so don't waste your time on ironing and wear it naturally.

European craftmanship

Designed in Germany, with raw materials from France, woven in Italy, and produced in Poland.


Fine European linen is a luxurious fabrics that in the past has been reserved for nobles due to its labor-intense process and high price. 

Our production

What our customers say

Faros Natural Linen Shirt

Sweat a lot less. Linen is my favorite material in summer. This shirt has both a good fit and the quality of the linen is easy to notice. Can recommend the shirt.

Manuel F.
Faros White Linen Shirt

This fine product fits perfectly and comes with a great packaging.

Caroline F.
Faros Aquamarin Linen Shirt

Comfortable shirt Nice packaging and the shirt really feels very comfortable to wear. Fit is good and it looks nice.

Benni K.
Faros Black Linen Shirt

Awesome Shirt. Perfect for the summer. I loved the fit and the quality.


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